Tobias Pils SPRING

72 paintings 2008 – 2010

Texts by Thomas Assheuer and Ferdinand Schmatz

Of course there are also temptations, there is seduction and beauty, the erotic charm of the ornament, or perhaps a dream-distorted floral pattern, a shell, traces of bark. Even organic elements appear here and there, like living marquetry. A bird’s nest perhaps? In them even nature is like a thing, like the cooled down emission of a nameless catastrophe. In these pictures Mars is on the Earth, but even this is saying too much. One must speak as laconically as possible about these works, about their inner wounds. And yet, such words are too full of pathos, too full of meaning for these pictures are extremely asemantic, striving for neither meaning nor non-meaning. They want to silence us. (T. Assheuer)

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